Week 4 Monitoring Sites Current Events

Advertising on the Site

One of the new things that the 21st century has witnessed in the field of marketing is a new form of advertisement called online advertisement or internet advertising or online marketing. Advertising on the site refers to the form of advertising or marketing that leverages the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to the targeted audience / consumers. It includes social media advertising, email marketing, mobile advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), and display advertising (such as web banner). Arsenal Football Club (AFC) is among the companies that use its different websites to advertising its business.

The Club uses its websites to advertising its business in a number of ways. Some of its sites have similar ways of advertising while others have a slight difference as it is shown hereunder. For example, it uses its various websites such as www.arsenal.com, www.arsenal.com/ladies, and www.arsenal.com/juniorgunners similarly, to market the sale of tickets for different games. Also, it entices fans to buy different products like kit and accessories through its “online shop link” that is found in all of its websites. In addition, the Club tries to develop CRM by engaging fans to like and participate in its different social network platforms, which in turn helps to grow its fans base and creating brand awareness (the links to social network are available in all of its sites). Moreover, Arsenal uses the same Call to Action (CAT) “sign in,” “log in now,” and “sign for membership” in all of its websites to ask fans / viewers to subscribe or sign in into different accounts / memberships. The Club also uses email marketing to advertising its business by sending periodical newsletters to the subscribers. However, email advertising is only found in this site www.arsenal.com/news/newsletter. Generally, the Club significantly leverages its websites to advertising its business; and it even uses an affiliate program to create brand awareness and increase revenues through its sponsors’ websites.


As a soccer club, Arsenal sales a variety of products from sports apparel to apps using its various websites. The Club’s websites have both similarities and differences in terms of products as explained hereunder. For example through its main website www.arsenal.com, the Club sales mainly tickets. However, through the same website there is a link to “online shop” where fans can purchase countless items such as kit (Puma kit), training wear (such as jackets, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, and caps), accessories (including nightwear, footwear, ties, watches, and jewelry), and a range of gifts from signature collection to photography, books & DVDs to mugs & glassware, toys & games to memorabilia auction.

arsenal-fc-crest-hoodie_405555281VC3zy6I4L._SL1500_ Arsenal-fc-Bedroom-Accessories-Furniture-Ideas n_arsenal_fc_competitions-3370980 c10slpar-0-1-c 312292_R_Z001A

Another Arsenal’s website is www.arsenal.com/ladies; it is an official site for Arsenal Ladies Football Club (ALFC). The site sales tickets for season games, also has a link to “online shop” like the main website. However, in terms of products the site concentrates on Arsenal ladies merchandise.

In addition to that, Arsenal has an academy whose official website is www.arsenal.com/juniorgunners. Apart from selling tickets and having a link to “online shop” like the rest websites, this site has an extra product that is “games and downloads”. The site enables junior fans to play and download games and “color in” posters featuring their favorite players.

Moreover, Arsenal sales iOS and Android mobile apps through their newsletter website, www.arsenal.com/news/newsletter. Through this website, fans can still purchase tickets online and have access to online shop where they can buy different products.

Apart from selling products through its different websites, Arsenal applies affiliate programs through its website as well. Arsenal employs an affiliate program through its websites by acting as a third party, whose function is to refer customers / viewers to its partners’ (merchants’) websites to buy their products / services. This kind of marketing can be well seen through all of its websites; however, it is explicitly seen through its other website, http://www.arsenal.com/the-club/sponsors-partners. The website directly refers customers to the websites of its lead partners (Emirates Airlines and Puma), official partners (Europcar, Huawei, and others), and regional partners (Airtel, Capital bank, and others) by clicking their business logo.

Communications (I receive) from the Website

Arsenal’s websites provide different kinds of communications to their fans / viewers. Personally, I have been receiving two emails per week from its newsletter updating me with news and events as well as informing me about different offers that are available. In addition, I have been interacting with fellow fans worldwide via www.arseblog.com (a special blog for Arsenal fans). Through its websites, I can also chat via its different social network accounts like Facebook page, where fans are allowed to ask questions during interview sessions. Next, in all of its websites Arsenal encourages fans to write reviews about their online shopping experience, purchase of tickets, and team performance. Hence, the Club provides different means of communications depending on the website one is viewing.


An Article about Online Advertising

The link at the bottom leads to an article, “Guide to online advertising,” which covers all the essential parts of online advertising, from the history of online advertising to types of online advertising (the strength and weakness of each type), roles & markets to best business practices. The article’s explanations have great impacts on the way Arsenal Football Club uses its websites for online advertising. For example, the article insists on the standard use of “terms and conditions document” between the publisher, advertiser, sponsors, agencies, and networks in order to avoid confusions and disagreements. Also having a standard guide helps the site to perform well, hence, creating more traffic and boosts the sales. The above guidelines have been keenly followed by Arsenal websites no wonder its online advertising strategy keeps achieving the goals and meeting expectations. http://www.adjuggler.com/docs/AdJuggler_guidetoonlineadv.pdf

For more articles about Arsenal’s digital marketing strategy let’s meet next week.

Let’s continue sharing the fun.

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