Week 1 Inspiration Journal: Effective design and design terms. Establishing the target market’s other purchases.

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my week 1 Inspiration Journal for the Creative Concepts Class. Each week I will be posting different topics and examples of successful designs of at least five different brands versus my researched brand, Burger King, based on their unsuccessful marketing campaign, “unfriend”.

Thus, this week’s focus is on the; effective designs, design terms and establishing target market’s other purchases. Below are the five successful designs from Burger King’s direct and indirect competitors, namely; KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, Wendy’s, Delifrance, Lotus, and Honey Bunches Oats.

  1. KFC


As one of the biggest fast food chain companies in the world, KFC has been producing great advertisements for so long. This ad was advertising the new boneless chicken. The design was effectively made with the use of ‘tint’ in the hue; whereas the white color was well mixed with red, brown yellowish and orange. Also the use of ‘major appeals’ was well incorporated as the lady’s facial expression / emotions matches exactly with quoted sentence. I also like the mixture of ‘font’ used in the copy as well as the message which brings a sense of humor.

  1. McDonald’s


This is awesome! This ad was created in Germany by Neue Digitale / Razorfish. In this ad McDonald’s was advertising its veggie burger in a different style which successfully appealed to many people. Instead of using a regular burger picture, the designer uses the ingredients in a form of an animal. I like the use of ‘color schemes’, it brings attractive view. Also the designer is trying to play smart by telling the customers that McDonald’s sells healthy foods and not junk like how people perceive it. On top of that the spacious use of the ‘white space’ made the design even more attractive.

  1. Subway


Sometimes marketers use famous people like musicians, athletes, and actors to advertise their products. The above ad is a typical example. The person featured in the Subway ad is ‘Daniel Sturridge’, a famous soccer player from Liverpool in UK. The design made effective use of the ‘balance’ by symmetrically distributing the elements such as the color and copy on the ad. Also the ad is ‘copy-driven’ since the message in the ad is highly conveyed by the heading in white color. Furthermore, ‘repetition’ of color has been greatly used to emphasize and match the company’s band color

  1. Lotus biscuits 


Who doesn’t like a cup of coffee with cookies? In this ad Lotus biscuits did a great job to communicate the message. First by creatively using simple sentence to send a clear message, “lotus and coffee, go together”. Second is by personifying the cup holding the biscuits so tight and careful, that appeals to a sense of humor. Moreover the design is ‘image-driven’ since the image sends the message directly. Also the extensive use of the purple ‘white space’ makes the design to look so cool.

  1. Honey Bunches Oats


This ad can’t stop my mouth from watering. This ad by Regev-Kavitsky, Tel Aviv went viral from the moment it was posted in the social networks and televisions. I like the use of the sense of humor through personifying the spoon in the bath tub. In the first picture the ad is like is trying to tell you that, with a bowl of oats one should feel as relaxed as in the bath tub. While in the second picture, the personified spoon sounds like “I can’t wait to jump into the tub”. In addition to that, the ads depict a very good use of ‘proximity’ and ‘alignments’ by relating the objects so closely and arranging them respectively. Another thing is the good use of the ‘white space’, it helps the viewer to clearly focus on the intended product.

  1. Delifrance


I can describe this ad by just one word, “simplicity”. Delifrance is one of the largest bakery companies in Europe. This print advertisement from Saatchi & Saatchi Germany, won Gold Print Awards during the Epica Awards in 2010 (Macleod, 2010). The ad successfully made use of the ‘white space’ which made the buns to look like really slippers on the floor. Also the designers did a good job in the use of ‘focus’, since the moment customer’s eyes fall on the ad the first thing to see are the two slipper shaped buns. Also the use way the logo is placed is different, since most designers prefer to place company logos at the bottom.

  1. Wendy’s


In this ad Wendy’s successfully leveraged the Veterans Day to advertise its frosty drink that many people crave for. The use of ‘hierarchy’ has been effectively used in the design, since when a customer  looks at the ad, the first thing she / he is likely to see is the shape of army cap, then the copy, and lastly the yellow cup of frosty. Moreover, the ad did a wonderful job in the use of ‘major appeal’ by selecting emotional pictures and words.


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