Inspiration Journal 3: Visual-Based Design Ads.

They say a ‘picture is worth a thousand words.’ Welcome back to this week journal, with the focus being strictly on the visual-based design ads.  The uploaded ads will tell you a lot though visualy about the intended messaageto be sent across, what is the taget audience, why certain colors have been used as well as how well elements such as contrast, alignment, white space, and movement have been incorporated.

  1. McDonalds

mcdzo bk 2 xcul




5999423_clever-mcdonalds-back-to-school-ad-creates_d6066ea5_m mcdizo

The above three ads represent McDonald’s with all the ads tailoring to students going back to school (same target market as Burger King). In the first ad from the top, the designer creatively chose the books’ colors to remind its target audience about the brand’s popular menu without directly mentioning it, burger / big mac. As one can see that the combination and arrangement of colors from pale brown to green and yellow represents burger’s ingredients. There is also good choice of setting / location, looks like its a really study room or library. Also the focal point has been well selected, since the viewer’s eyes mostly likely will focus on the books on the table by being placed at the center. In addition to that there is good alignment and visual hierarchy by placing the logo and few words on the top right of the page.

In the second and third ads, there is great choice of colors which represent the brand core colors and logo, red and yellow. Proximity and unity have been cleverly used to help the viewer to easily connect the objects on the ads, the words , and the logo based on their aangement close to each other.

2. Coca cola

fist-bump-hed-2015 cocacola

Very few brands have reached a stage where they can only use their logo with neither brand name nor slogan and still customers can recognize them. In this ad Coca cola proves to be among them. It was ad of the day in Latin America where the soda company was trying to tell her greatest target audience, teens, about the power of true friendship. The focal point has smartly been chosen which is the two fists punching each other instead of its regular white ribon. Also the two fists bring the feeling of togetherness, acceptance, and solidarity. On top of that the hue (red) or white space dominated the ad as the major color of the brand. On top of that the fists help to depict movement of the viewer’s eyes to show the focus.

3. Burger King


If there wasn’t a Burger King’s logo on the page pobably one wouldn’t be able to understand the ad clearly. However, the designer did a good job by applying some make up colors on the eye to represent the brand’s signature meal, whopper. The ad has a clear focal point which is the colorful eye due its size and position.  Also the ad shows contrast of the eyelashes, eye brows,  skin,and the logo by depicting them in different sizes and shapes . Moreover, the color of the white space brings tanquility as well as the arrangement of objects brings poweful unity.

4. Koleston Naturals

Kolesto naturals

Although its a different brand but the ad share the target audience with Burger King. The setting of the billboard by Koleston was brilliantly chosen. The ad is placed beside the road near the beach which gives a clear and great view to customers. The ad by itsself sends a direct message that it has something to do with hair beauty, this is due to the picture of a woman with long hair and the brand name / logo. The ad used shade to depict the object clearly due to good visibility. Also the white space helps the viewer to cencentrate on the focal point more easily. Unity is also well depicted between the words and the image by being parallel to each other. Lastly the lady’s eyes guides the viewer’s movement of eyes downwards towards the brand’s name / logo.

5. Fast food war

Food war

This ad was developed by a chef, Anthony Boudain who wanted his daughter to see fast food as an enemy. The ad was well designed in terms of setting whereas by being outside it looks like a battle ground. Also the ad causes an emotional appeal of fear the way the girl looks at the crab-shaped sandwich. Visual hierarchy has been well chosen by giving objects variation in size, from large to small. The focal point is so clear as there are no other objects to destract the viewer. Apart from that the way the two objects face each other help the viewer’s movement of eyes towards the center. In short the ad sends a clear message to the viewer that there is a fight between the objects even if there is no any logo used but the colors suggest its McDonald’s.


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