Inspiration Journal 4: Synergy-based design ads.

Hi everyone!

I totaly agree with Wayne that sometimes one plus one the answer can either be three, four or even more and this is especially true when two maketing advertisiment strategies are combined to create a powerful effect (Wayne, n.d). That being said today’s post is about design ads which effectively used both visual and words to send their mesage across. Synergy can be best achieved when both visual and words depend on each other to send a complete message. Thus, below are examples of the brands which effectively used synergy in their ad campaigns.

  1. McDonald’s


McDonald’s has been creating great ads for a long time and here they did again. This excellent piece of outdoor print was made in Stochkolm, Sweden. As one can see that there is a high dependence fo the image and the words to effectively convey the intended message. The ad was creatively made and position in such a way that one may think its the continuation of the garden behind the ad. The designer used some sort of verbal metaphor as one may wonder what does McDonald’s has to do with carrots. However, its a way to say that their ingedients are fresh. The background was carefully chosen to match with the real one especially the wall across the street. Like I pointed out ealie the ad is a good example synergy since its both visual and copy driven as the viewer is forced to pay attention to both so as to get a clear message.

2. Alka Seltzer


When a sense of humor is well used it usually helps to send a powerful message to the target audience. Even though this might seem as a different brand from my reseached brand but still the taget audience is not too different, since the medicine is adults especially those who drink alcohol. The ad used synergy very well as the picture and the copy are compatible to each other. The message is short, clear with a ‘human truth’ in it. Also there is an emotional appeal through the way the cat has been tightly held. Moreover, the ad depicts some movement guided by the direction of the eyes between the man and the cat (facing each other). Also there is a good use of hierarchy in the way the images have been arranged based on size , color and poistion. Contrast can also well be seen especially the way the yellow glove and the white plate have been positioned so that the cat can be clearly spoted.

3. Hobby


Again this may seem like a way too different band fom Burger King but still the taget audience is the same, adults. This ad is a proof that synergy was effectively used because the article explaining the campaign is written in german but still I was able to undestand just the ad itself. The image of the razor and the text complement each othe vey well. There is great use of emotional appeal through the way the stuffs have been sharply dissected as well as the way the passers-by stare at them. The ad is both visual and text driven since they are both in lage size and fonts respectivelly. Also the focal point is centered clearly. Further, the white pace in sky blue color helps to create a clear visibility.

4. Frontline


I know this might confuse many people at the beginning especially the little black stuffs around the dog’s fur. The ad is large sticker placed on the floor of the mall in Indonesia while the black fleas that the dog is tying to scratch off are people however its had to recognize them when someone is on the upper floor of the mall. The ad was greatly designed as it perfectly interacts with the sorrounding as well as the message is well delivered when one looks at the image and eads the words. There is verbal metaphor from the copy since its unclear what is to be taken off the dog. Also the focal point is so clear due to the large image of the dog  as well as the white space gives a clear view. Repetition of the people ‘black fleas’ empasizes the message.

5. McDonald’s


What a brilliant use of synergy in this ad? Its definately that neither the image nor the words could stand alone to send a complete message so clearly. The billiboard need not say much but just to remind the customers about their opening hours since the symbol is well known by them. There is a good balance between the symbol and words. Poximity can also be well seen between the image and the words. Also the ad used lights to depict is brand colors so perfectly.


Wayne, J. (n.d). Definition of Synergy in Marketing. etieved on 2015, December 3, from



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