Inspiration Journal 5: Usability and Websites

Hello readers,

The aim of this week’s inspiration  journal is to test and compare the user experience based on the design of the three websites; my researched brand, Burger King, vs its two competitors, Mcdonalds and Subway. The focus is to find which is / are easy to use (user friendly) based on the five tasks mentioned below. The tasks will be performed by several people whereby each of them will perform each task on each website. Thereafter, I will analyze the results in the statement to be found at the bottom of the page based on people’s views including mine then followed by my recommendations on what need be improved on each site.


  1. Locate where to find the links for the social network sites.
  2. Search for a nearby store / restaurant.
  3. Try to download the mobile app.
  4. Find the menu and try to order a meal.
  5. Does the copy, images, and color scheme used appeal to you to complete a call to action?

1. Burger King (

Burger King

2. Mcdonalds (


3. Subway (



Its interesting since I have received different opinions on each task. Starting with the first question on whether it was easy to locate the social network links, all the respondents said it was easy on Burger King and McDonald’s sites since they are found on the homepage unlike for Subway where you have to scroll down. In the second question, even though in all the sites the information is placed on the homepage but majority said that its easy to find a store on Subway site and Burger King because the language used is straight forward “find a store” and “find a restaurant” respectively unlike McDonald’s used just the term  “location.” Regarding the third task, no body was able to find where to download the mobile app for McDonald’s including me. But both Burger King and Subway have links to download their mobile apps, however, its easier to find for the previous. Most people said that even though you can easily understand what the sites are trading in but for the case of Subway locating there menu is a bit confusing since the landing page is so cluttered unlike its counterparts. In terms of copy majority preferred Burger King than its competitors the reason being the font and leading are large and spacious unlike McDonald’s whose copy is smaller in size even though well arranged while Subway copy is so much cluttered and busy. Coming to the proper use of images, higher credits went to  Burger King for sticking with their products unlike its competitors’ sites dominated by people’s faces hence its easy to lose the focal point. Color-wise its only McDonald’s which didn’t align so much with its brand color but others did greatly.


One of the biggest rationale for having a friendly user website is to enable customers to get what they want more easily and even more enjoyably. Despite the fact that findings show that Burger King has less shortcomings compared to its competitors but the website has to improve the following:

  1. The designers should include all the most important information on the landing that customers usually search for instead of scrolling three to four pages down such the link to “search for a restaurant.”
  2. The website should switch the use of the orange color to red on their site to bring consistency since orange is not one of their brand color.
  3. The designers should make the first bar from the top more view-able and look more part of the site by either changing the background color or changing the color of the copy / font size since it looks dull and out of place.




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