Welcome to Week 3: Monitoring Site Current Events

My Newsletter Experience!

Two weeks ago after I signed up an email newsletter with Arsenal Football Club, I instantly received a ‘confirmation / welcome email’. Ooh! What an experience? The email was specifically tailored to me, addressing my name, with a welcoming tone, a short explanation of what I should expect from subsequent emails, and the benefits of being a subscriber. The same day after a couple of hours I received another email titled ‘Arsenal official newsletter’. This second email was a bit different from the previous; the latter was more enticing and informative with a bunch of colorful pictures of players, headings, offers, and Call to Action (CTA) to sign up for more accounts such as ‘Young Arsenal Fan’, ‘click to win tickets’, and  ‘earn red membership’. At the end of the same week, I received another email, which had the similar layout like the second email, but with different information. However, the offers and Call of Action (CTA) were maintained. Generally, I have been receiving two emails per week with the almost the same layout but different information. Hence, the rate of sending emails so far is quite reasonable plus the emails are well designed, attractive, short, and direct to the point.

Designing an Email

From: Arsenal Football Club>

To: Anthony Mkumbae>

Come and shake hands with your favorite players!

March 1, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Hi Anthony!

We are so excited to share this incredible information with you, that on May 30, 2015 Arsenal FC will be in Columbus on their two weeks tour. During their stay, they will play five pre-season friendly matches with different clubs. As our loyal and valuable fan you have a chance to shake hands, take pictures, and talk to any player of your choice; please ‘click here’ to register now  and win.


Forward this email to your friends to win free printed shirts, tickets, accessories, and so much more!

It’s only in Columbus, where dreams are turned into reality!!



Terms of Use / Privacy Policy/ Unsubscribe / Subscribe

A Plan to obtain a List of Contacts

Usually, marketers create, store, and update their company’s databases for marketing purposes. The database plays an important role of creating a list of contacts for sending out marketing emails. An email is one of the most useful tools for direct digital marketing since its almost measurable, easy to track, and personalized. However, in order to effectively leverage email in marketing, one needs to plan and strategize how to obtain peoples’ contacts / information. Below is an explanation of how I can obtain a list of peoples’ contacts to send them emails for my chosen company (Arsenal FC). Subscription, when customers subscribe for membership or any other service they do fill in their personal information in forms, which I will utilize to create a list of contacts. I can also obtain customers’ contacts when they visit our company’s different social network pages / accounts, such as Facebook, Tweeter, and Instagram through their profile. In addition, I can access customers’ contact information during check out after completing their shopping, especially online. Moreover, calls made by customers to the company on various issues is another easy way of obtaining a list of contacts.

A Plan to Measure my Email Results

In marketing it’s always vital for one to plan how she / he is going to measure the results of their marketing campaign. In my scenario, I will use the following methods / indicators to measure the results of my email marketing. First, by measuring the number of ‘clickthrough rate’, that is how many people clicked on different links, hyperlinks, and content when interacted with the message. Another way is by considering the amount of ‘purchase’ that people made after receiving the email. Also, by counting how many people ‘opened / viewed’ the email, since others tend to delete emails before reading them while others tend to open them in a preview window (in html format). In addition, I will track how many email recipients responded to different Call to Action (CTA) such as ‘register now’, ‘click here’, ‘download now’. Moreover, I will count how many customers contacted the company back either by call, email, mail, or fax to request for further information about a product / service. On top of that, I will measure ‘referral rate’ to see how many recipients forwarded the emails to their colleagues and friends. On the other hand, I will also measure the number of ‘bounce rate’, meaning how many emails technically failed to reach the targeted recipients. Lastly, I will quantify the ‘opt-out rate’ that is the number of people who decided to unsubscribe in order not to receive further emails in the future.

Email Marketing Article

Click the link below to open an article titled ‘Email Marketing Best Practices’.


The article is about the best practices that every marketer has to understand and implement in order to create an effective marketing email in both form and content. In here, the author has covered almost all the important and necessary steps, tips, and tricks for creating an enticing marketing email.

The article mostly reflects the emails that I have been receiving from Arsenal’s newsletter.  The article and the newsletters are similar in a number of ways. For example, the article insists on the power of proper designing / layout in order to attract the recipient to read the email, something that is true about the newsletter I have been receiving, its design / layout entices me to read the full message. Also, the article underscores the point of personalizing emails especially on special events like birthdays, as  last week I received an email wishing me a ‘happy birthday’ on behalf of the company.

Thus, it’s my pleasure to have shared my personal email marketing experience with you, until next week!

Your blogger,




Online Strategy:

Arsenal Football Club (AFC) leverages a range of popular social networks to implement its online marketing strategy. The Club has an account with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, and SoundCloud. On Twitter the Club has 3.5M followers, through the site followers can get all the latest news, views, ticket information, and interact with players through #tweets. Another active social network sites that Arsenal optimizes to position its brand is Facebook; the page has 32M followers. On Facebook the Club updates the fans on something new after almost every hour. The other social networks each with specific number of subscribers / followers are as follows; Youtube (195, 673), Google+ (3.5M), Instagram (1.7), SoundCloud (684,541), and Pinterest (8,003). Moreover, the Club has variety of multichannel marketing platforms that all represent the same brand, these range from online stores like arsenalstoreusa.com, to blogs like arseblog.com which is specifically created for fans sharing their views about the Club. In addition, the Club has a couple of mobile apps on both iOS and Android that all have one thing in common, brand marketing.

Business Model:

In recent years, Arsenal marketing team decided change the predominant business model that most of the sports clubs in the world use. Arsenal began to transform and strategize its business into a modern sports club and media company. The Club’s new plan is to position itself mostly as a brand in the international market (especially in North America and Asia) by building a large international fan base to bring it more revenue from merchandise. For example, the Club mostly tours to US and Asia and play pre-season friendly matches to expand its brand market share. Moreover, the Club is well known for its unique business philosophy of grooming amateur players, turn them into world-class super stars and sell them at super profit like Nasri and Fabregas. However, the following remain to be the club’s main sources of revenue, sponsorship deals from Emirates Airlines (main sponsor), Puma (kit-sponsors), Carlsberg and Citroen. Other sources are sale of products like kits, sale of television rights and sporting events.

Data Capturing:

Advancement of Information Technology (IT) facilitates easy collection of information / data. Arsenal applies many ways to capture information from customers / fans that happen to interact with its brands from different platforms (i.e depending on which channel the customer uses). First, through subscription forms when customers subscribe in different accounts or newsletters they fill their personal information from names to contacts. Second, it captures data from followers when they follow, like and comment from its different social network accounts. Another way is from shopping cart whereas customers do fill their personal information during check out from a number of its online stores such as arsenalstoreusa.com. In addition, most of its websites have cookies that are used to track online behaviors of viewers. Thus, those are the main ways the Club optimizes to capture data from their customers to be used by marketers to tailor messages to them.

Type with you next time,

Your blogger,


Hello everyone,

Guess what!!!

Here comes very interesting next six weeks as from today. Why? I will be monitoring Arsenal Football Club (AFC) website and update you with news and other information about the club every week. Apart from being its fan since I was a kid, I chose the Club because of the way it laverages its website, blogs, emails and social network sites to interact and engage the fans into conversations reflects greatly the marketing communication principles (especially during this digital era).

Moreover, Arsenal Football Club’s website is very rich of information as it gives an access to watch videos, view pictures, match reviews, and fans’ comments.

Lastly, I look forward to sharing with you a lot of information about this popular football club in the world, from fixtures to results, tours to events, players’ interviews to hospitality programs.

Welcome All! Let’s share the fun!!

Your blogger,